What To Look For In A Shoe Storage Cabinet

A shoe storage cabinet functions as a container for shoes, slippers and other kinds of footwear when they are not in use. It basically has shelves in it on which the owner puts the shoes which are not being used at the moment. The shelves in the shoe storage cabinet are usually slanting downwards towards the outside with a stopper at the end to prevent the shoes from falling out. The size of the shoe storage cabinet depends on the preferences of the individual, although, the most common ones can usually house four to five pairs of shoes per shelf with an average of two to three shelves. It may look like an office storage cabinet or any other kind of cabinet in the outside but

Requirements For A Shoe Storage Cabinet

There are some requirements for this kind of cabinet which are necessary for the furniture to be called a shoe storage cabinet. These requirements are the slanting shelves which should have a stopper of sorts to prevent the shoes from slipping downwards and big enough space for the shoes to sit comfortably in without being smashed up against each other.

Most shoe storage cabinets have vents on the sides or the doors themselves to prevent the air inside from getting moldy or musty. These vents promote better air circulation and discourage the growth of molds and other fungi on the shoe storage cabinet walls and the shoes. This is a great help when the shoes or other kinds of footwear are moist or wet from a walk in the rain.

Other requirements for a shoe storage cabinet are that they have stoppers either at the very end of the shelf or the parts where the heels of the shoes stay to prevent them from slipping downwards and that they be easy to open, usually without a lock. The stopper can be placed at the end of the shelf or at the upper half of it depending on how one usually places his or her shoes in the shoe storage cabinet. The shoes can either point upwards or downwards. When they are pointing upwards, the stopper can be situated at the very end of the shelf while if the shoes are pointing downwards the stopper needs to be at the upper half of the shelf.

A shoe storage cabinet is a great help for organizing footwear and keeping your home clutter free. Owners usually coordinate these cabinets with their home d├ęcor while pacing them near the door for better use.